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Analytics and automation have changed manufacturing operations. AR is now transforming human processes by improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and unlocking new business value.


Chris Galassini

Field Application Engineer

Gino Galassini

Field Application Engineer

As kids, we were always taking things apart and putting them back together again.  At that age, we knew we wanted to be engineers. We developed a love of aviation.  Gino obtained his pilot’s license. We set out together to have careers that combined flight and how things are assembled.  At Click Bond, that’s exactly what we do!

As Field Application Engineers, we help support companies in the design and manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft.  Currently, we are focused on the next generation of manufacturing, developing augmented reality tools to increase assembly quality and speed.  We love that we get to be at the forefront of developing new technology.

It's rewarding to know that our work enables airplanes to safely fly people all over the world, spacecraft to land on Mars, and defense programs to keep our troops safe as they serve our nation.

TJ Stoltz

Brand Experience Manager


At Click Bond, we're always striving to find new solutions to connect with each other and our customers. Though COVID-19 presented challenges across the world, many solutions emerged across many video communication platforms.

We've began to find success through integrating a VR platform called Spatial. It's allowed us to create a new, elevated virtual experience. Here, we're able to connect and collaborate with remote employees.

In our experimentation, it's also proven to be an immersive experience for future partners and customers, to help us understand how we might be able to help solve their manufacturing challenges and introduce them to the extensive solutions we have available.

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